Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few funny things

I just have a few funny things I need to share. First of all, we went out Friday morning (it had rained Thursday night) to get in the car to go to school. Everyone had climbed in but I couldn't see Mason. He finally climbed in while wiping off his face. I asked where he had been and he said "Mom, I was just licking the water off the car." Nasty! I seriously threw up in my mouth a little.

Later that day, the kids were running and playing and just being boys. I walked into the room and thought maybe I smelled some nastiness. I asked "Who's poopie?" because with Mason and Carson, you never know. Mason said "Not me! I just farted REALLY big." Ah shoot. So funny,

Also, if you have a minute, you need to watch this Twilight Movie spoof. I'm not usually a fan of these things but this one was pretty funny. I might have laughed right out loud a few times. It gets especially funny right around the middle. The part where he says his voice invites her in, oh man, I almost peed right in my pants.


  1. "Licking the water off the car"—that's where I almost peed in my pants. TEE HEE.

  2. What funny kids, it's a good thing you have them around so you can laugh alot!

  3. I love the new family picture...It is so cute. And I was dying laughing, I love the part where he jogs around the tree and says "As if you could out run me"...So Funny