Monday, November 8, 2010

Ian's Blessing

On Sunday we blessed sweet sweet baby Ian. The blessing was a total disaster. The microphone wasn't working so Adam just had to talk loud, someone opened the partitions in the back mid-blessing (so noisy!!), a cell phone rang, and some dumb lady sat down in Adam's seat almost on top of me. All of those things minus a few key people we love missing out made for a sad blessing that I didn't even get to hear. I'm sure it was great, though. At least he was freaking cute.


I'll be honest, I love when they have a Halloween parade at my kid's school. I think it's fun and hilarious and I love to see all those costumes. I also like to help my kids have awesome costumes. If you refer to years past, we have usually had the more traditional costumes. McKay has been a mummy a scarecrow, the headless horseman, a dog, a frog, a whatever this is...and a thug. Only one time was he anything from the movies/t.v. and that was Spiderman. The surprising thing is that the last three (mummy, scarecrow, headless horseman) were all HIS idea. He tells me what he wants and I try to make a totally radical costume. This was the first year he picked something more commercial and wanted me to make it. I still think he was adorable. So, the point to that long ramble is that I love the parades. I stayed up until 1am getting their costumes ready for the parade. Then, my little halloweenies woke up and said they were sick and wouldn't go to school! Are you kidding me??? I didn't force the issue and I let them stay home. But after about an hour, just long enough to miss the parade, they were fine!! I took their sorry arses to school and cried the whole way home. I think I'm still a little hormonal from the baby. It rained on the real Halloween and the kids only went out to Trick or Treat for about an hour. This year was sortof a bust for me. At least we had a fun dinner with the Blairs (who were adorable). Maybe next year will be better.
McKay was Aang from The Last Airbender
Mason was a killer scarecrow (notice the sword)
Carson was a green crayon...duh.
Ian just sat home with me and was delicious and slept the whole time.
And just for fun, here are Mason

and Carson as young lads.