Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our fan-frickin-tastic summer vacation

Oh my goodness, was it ever a fantastic vacation! We had so much fun. We actually had lots of little trips crammed into one big trip. We started off by going to Laughlin with Adam's family and Uncle Ethan's boat. Then I drove to California while Adam headed home to work for a few days. After a few days with Kenny and Janna, I went to San Diego to spend a few days with my friend Kirsten. Adam flew back to Cali for a a surf trip with his buddy Andy. Then we all met up on the beach for a final hurrah with our friends the Thomsons and some radical boogie boarding. Not a lot of down time on the trip but the jam packed good times were just what we needed. My kids were basically in their swim suits the whole time, so I'm way surprised at all the dirty laundry I have. Actually, maybe more angry than surprised.

Let the good times roll.
Laughlin... Yep, he's totally badical and radical.Good times with the Cummings family in San Diego...
Just the kids watching a movie. NBD.
We went to the beach with Kirsten and met my friend Heather there too. It's always so good to see the old crew.
Then we went to the beach again with the Thomsons. This was our last day and Mason was so done. He spend the whole two hours like this. I think he was cold and was trying to warm up with the hot sand.And then the long, long, long drive home. Oh yes, it was long. It was also pretty funny and I think I have like 60 photos alone of us in the van. I may have to share some of those another day.