Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School fun for everyone.

Our whole family started school for the year. This is the first and only time in our lives we will do that, I hope. Meaning - I hope Adam doesn't go back to school ever, or at least not until I'm done. Is that okay to say?
McKay started 2nd grade on Monday, Adam started his last year of Law School on Tuesday, I started back at good ol' SLCC on Wednesday, Carson started preschool (maybe known as daycare) on Wednesday, and Mason starts Kindergarten on Monday. It's gonna be fun to coordinate all these schedules and what not.
Another way awesome thing happened this week. Adam got the official job offer from Kirton and McConkie to return full time as a lawyer after law school! Yay! It was a little crazy there for a bit but I am so happy for him and so proud of all that he has done in the last few years. He is amazing! I actually haven't hated this whole law school thing. It's been a crazy adventure and I'm sure this year will be as crazy, but I have mostly good thoughts about it so far. But it's fun to know there is another chapter in our lives that will be starting soon and I'm totally ready!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stef's Home!

I really wish I would have taken pictures last night or at the airport or sometime in the last two days, but I didn't so you are just going to have to take my word for it that these things happened. Stefanie is home from Africa!! I'm basically way excited about it. I missed her. She flew in Wednesday night. She got on the plane at 10:00 am Ghana time, which is 6 hours ahead of us (so like 4am our time). She had a quick stop in NYC but didn't even get to see Kiel who was there waiting for her. Then on to SLC. She landed around midnight. I think she had been awake for the last million hours. That's a long day! When we picked her up at the airport, she had befriended this very nice German girl, who was stranded. So one hour later, one lost luggage, and one bonus sweet German, we had Stefanie.

We had a way fun party Thursday night to celebrate her homecoming. It was fun to see all her pictures and hear her funny stories. If you didn't come, you should have. If you didn't come because you didn't know about it, I'm way sorry. If you came, thank you so much!! If you are Brandee and totally helped me for two days getting ready, you are a life saver. If you are my mom, you are the best bathroom cleaner I know.

Here's a link to her facebook African photos.
It only works if you have a facebook account. Sorry.

I'm glad to have the best sister and to have her home!