Saturday, June 27, 2009

McKay's First Tri!

Here are the pics from McKay's very first race. Thanks Devin!

It was so fun to see that little man so determined to do this race. He was pretty nervous/scared the whole morning leading up to it but once it started, he had some serious spirit. How freaking cute is he in his tiny little tri-suit!!
He did the whole swim on his back because the water was so cold he didn't want to put his face in it.Sprinting to the finish...
Adam, his sister Hollie, and sister-in-law Devin, all did a race that same day. McKay kept telling us the kids should have gone first because adults have more patience.I love it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The joys of raising four boys...

Maybe Adam should not be watching chemistry video's on youtube. Here is what I get when he does...

I love that right at the end he tries to get into the house but is so excited he doesn't know where to go. Seriously??!! Is he like 12 or what?? Sadly enough, he still melts my heart with such antics. His laugh in this video just makes me so happy.

And what post is complete without some cute pics of Carson?

Summer starts!

So for me, summer officially starts when the races start. Adam does triathlons and when we start going to those, it officially feels like summer. I love going to his races!! It's fun for me to watch him and it's fun for me to watch the kids cheer him on. It's basically good times all around.
But first, one quick thing. McKay did have a totally cute end of year program at school, which I only got this one good picture of. Both my video camera and regular camera died right after I got there. I was SO not happy about that, so try not to rub it in.Now on to the race! This race was the Salem Springs Tri. He did it with his good friend Justin Blair. It was a really fun race and really quick too! They both finished with fast times. It's a nice way to start the season.

It's always fun to be there with Justin's wife, Melissa, and their kids. Her sister-in-law came too and there were kids galore. Seriously, if you've never been to a race before, you should come to one sometime. They are pretty awesome. Adam also just did the Provo Tri last weekend. Have I mentioned how bad I am at remembering my camera? I'm sure I have. I might have forgotten it again. This time it was especially sad because McKay did his first Triathlon! It was so stinking cute and I am so proud of him! Luckily lots of other family members took pics, so I'll post those when they send them to me! (Devin...that would be you)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a quick thought.

Today just happens to be a busy day around the house. I have 17 million loads of laundry to wash and about the same in dishes. I have bathrooms to clean and floors to vacuum and sweep and mop. Then I have the 17 millions loads of laundry to fold and put away. On top of all that I have gotten way behind on homework (online classes are nice like that) and can't quite get motivated to do what I need to. Days like this make me feel like I'm nowhere near the mom I want to be. I get bummed and then I bag everything I should be doing and play video games with the kids. Frick.

Right around lunch time, I was hitting the part where I feel totally overwhelmed and discouraged. I made quesadillas, which both kids asked for and then promptly refused to eat after they were made. I gave up and took Carson down to take a nap. I tucked him and gave him kisses (which he only allowed because I said he could keep his juice cup with him) and then started to head out. Mason came in right then and ran over to give Carson hugs and kisses too. As they were hugging and loving each other, I was totally glad that I am at least doing something right with my kids. Then, Mason stopped hugging and Carson just looked at him and said "Now get out Mason."

Ahhhh..... and back to the laundry/homework/cleaning/everything else I go.