Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a quick thought.

Today just happens to be a busy day around the house. I have 17 million loads of laundry to wash and about the same in dishes. I have bathrooms to clean and floors to vacuum and sweep and mop. Then I have the 17 millions loads of laundry to fold and put away. On top of all that I have gotten way behind on homework (online classes are nice like that) and can't quite get motivated to do what I need to. Days like this make me feel like I'm nowhere near the mom I want to be. I get bummed and then I bag everything I should be doing and play video games with the kids. Frick.

Right around lunch time, I was hitting the part where I feel totally overwhelmed and discouraged. I made quesadillas, which both kids asked for and then promptly refused to eat after they were made. I gave up and took Carson down to take a nap. I tucked him and gave him kisses (which he only allowed because I said he could keep his juice cup with him) and then started to head out. Mason came in right then and ran over to give Carson hugs and kisses too. As they were hugging and loving each other, I was totally glad that I am at least doing something right with my kids. Then, Mason stopped hugging and Carson just looked at him and said "Now get out Mason."

Ahhhh..... and back to the laundry/homework/cleaning/everything else I go.


  1. "Now get out..." Hahahaha! That makes me smile.

    Sorry you have so much to do sweetie. Shall I come do some of your laundry?

  2. I totally understand the feeling. And you know what? Sometimes it just doesn't get done. Oh well!!! My girls are the same way... Love love love, "Go Away". Kids :)

  3. Ok, I finally stayed at your blog long enough to flip through your music library, and I got a little emotional when I heard "No Air" . ;) You listen to the same bubble gum pop crap I do...HOORAY! I get overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to do to, and I'm not even a mom yet! Sheesh...