Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few funny things

I just have a few funny things I need to share. First of all, we went out Friday morning (it had rained Thursday night) to get in the car to go to school. Everyone had climbed in but I couldn't see Mason. He finally climbed in while wiping off his face. I asked where he had been and he said "Mom, I was just licking the water off the car." Nasty! I seriously threw up in my mouth a little.

Later that day, the kids were running and playing and just being boys. I walked into the room and thought maybe I smelled some nastiness. I asked "Who's poopie?" because with Mason and Carson, you never know. Mason said "Not me! I just farted REALLY big." Ah shoot. So funny,

Also, if you have a minute, you need to watch this Twilight Movie spoof. I'm not usually a fan of these things but this one was pretty funny. I might have laughed right out loud a few times. It gets especially funny right around the middle. The part where he says his voice invites her in, oh man, I almost peed right in my pants.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do the terrible twos start this fast?

As I was typing up the previous post, Carson decided to frost himself a cookie. After I walked out and said his name, he just looked at me, then said, "Ethan do it." Ethan is his friend he plays with while I'm at school. As I was wiping down the counters and his face, he just kept saying, "Ethan do it", like I could be convinced of his innocence. He's so freaking cute when he's in trouble. Makes it hard to be mad at him.

Bring on the terrible twos.

Carson turns 2!!

On Friday the 16th, mini-man Carson turned two! We went to Dan's place and had a pool party, which is freaking awesome to do in January. It was a blast!
First we ate and opened presents...

then came the swimming...

And of course... I threw my mom in the pool and she "threw" me in the pool (she's really not strong enough and I more jumped in) and then McKay threw Stef in the pool. He's not as skilled at this as the rest of us, so he totally smacked his ribs on the edge of the pool as they went in and all the throwing people in stopped. Tim was sure glad!
Also, this whole series of photos makes me laugh. Look at Adam in the corner and Mason. Good times.

Friday, January 16, 2009

In case you are bored..

This made me laugh,

Give it a try.

Family Pics

I have been trying to post these pics for a few weeks but each file is so stinking big that it usually times out before it can upload them. I tried to re-size them (I'm not a total idiot) but they still wouldn't load and they have caused me nothing but headaches and heartache. Well, I just NOW figured out what was wrong. It was switching the downsized file with the big file so all this time I thought I was loading the little one, it was the big one. Make sense?

Well anyway, here are the family pics we got when we were in Cali for Christmas. Adam takes the safety of our children very serious. Maybe not so much with Carson,I really was impressed at how many pictures Adam actually made a normal face in. Still...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

College is for the birds..and here's why.

I started my first day of college yesterday and let me just tell you how it went. I was originally signed up for a 1:00-2:20 biology class because that was all that was available when I registered. I figured it would work out okay with the lady in my ward who I trade babysitting with. Well, I've always been a bit of a jackass and here's the proof because it totally won't work. It's right in the middle of nap time and right during elementary pick up time and right in the middle of everything else we do. I mean seriously, what was I thinking?? Did I mention that said class was in West Jordan, too. Come on, Melissa!

Well, I found another class that would be perfect, and was at the Redwood Road campus, an easy 15 minute commute. I called the school, because of course this class was full, to see if there was anything that I could do to get into said class. They said just to go the first day and the teacher would add me. I emailed the professor to let her know I was coming and she said there were 17 spots available so I should be fine. Simple enough, right? Oh, ho In my dreams it would have been that simple. I went to that class yesterday just fully planning on being added, along with 14 other people. As soon as I walked in, I knew there would be trouble. There were only 30 seats in the classroom, and 35 kids already registered, plus the 14 of us wanting to get in. I figured the teacher would do a lottery or something but no, we all sat on the floor and just waited.

Anyway, they sent out an email saying professors would not be able to add any students because there were too many students department wide that wanted to be added. Something like 400 students and only 30 spots available. (I really want to know what happened to the 17 that lady was talking about. ) They said the only way to be added was to watched online and wait for someone to drop. Are you kidding me?? Like I have 9 hours to devote to that! Oh wait...turns out I did. Today I sat at my computer and checked the class every 5-6 minutes. I started at 8:00 and just finally added the class at 4:00. Nothing got done today and there were lots of tears (me and the kids) but I'm now officially enrolled in the right class! Phew! It can only go up from here, right?

And just for a little love....our new family photos. More to come (hopefully)

Adam turned 30!

On Sunday, Adam hit the big 30. Weird. I know it's not old but it feels really weird to hit the thirties. I did a little surprise party for him. Nothing fancy but it was still nice to have his friends come say happy birthday.
Oh, and by the way...the food was delicious, thank you very much.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry about this.

I'm sure no one cares as much as I do about this (well, maybe my mom does) but I think it is so freaking weird. Here is what those tattoos look like after just two days.
I think the last appointment wasn't as painful because it wasn't as successful. I was holding Carson on my lap and trying to get him to keep the glasses on that you have to wear, while the doctor was doing the laser treatment. Needless to say, this was a much different experience. I think it was way more effective, thus more painful. But boy howdy, do fresh bandages feel sooooooo good.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More tattoo removal...

I went back in today and had another tattoo removal appointment. The pics are pretty gnarly. It hurt so much more this time. I don't know why, but I was dying. Adam let me sleep all afternoon, to recover. What a good man he is.
Look how nasty and puffy it is.....
The best part about the whole thing was when Adam and I were in the bathroom putting new ointment and wraps on them, Mason came in to watch. He just stared and stared and then I finally said, "This is why we don't get tattoos. You don't want to go through this." He just looked at me and said, "Kids don't have to do that. WE just wash them off." Yep....I'm doing this because I don't want to just wash it off.
Adam was playing with my camera while I washing the tattoos. These are the pics of our ghost child that he took. He has great photo skills. (Remember back to Halloween?)