Thursday, May 28, 2009

I adore the man I married

So these pics make me laugh right out loud. Adam got a new helmet and when he tried it on, I happened to have the camera right in my hand. He was sure nice to keep right on posing for picture after picture. No one tell him that I posted them on here. He might not like it.
The red kool-aid on the shirt makes them that much better. Oh man, and that mustache! These are just so good!

McKay's day for sharing

In McKay's class the teacher assigns each kid a day to do sharing (it's A LOT like show-and-tell). She usually gives them three topics to pick from and they share something about that topic. McKay's day was today and his topics were the desert, spring or a special friend. When I asked him on Monday what he was going to take for sharing he said "I already know mom. I'm going to take Mason. He's my special friend" Darn cute. For a minute, Adam and I tried to talk him into taking a picture of the glow in the dark scorpion they found while camping because we didn't think his teacher would want him to bring his brother. Then I thought, that's so amazing that he loves his little brother enough that he wants to take him for show and tell. He wasn't real excited about the scorpion thing so I told him i would think about it. He asked me every few minutes until I left for school and then took up with telling Adam about it until bed time. On the way to school I told my mom about it and decided to do it. The teacher would be fine with it, right?
So this morning at like 6:30, McKay comes running into my room asking if he could "share Mason." He was so happy when I told him he could. I am so glad that they are such good friends and that McKay adores his brother so much. I totally got all teary as he sat in the front of his class and told his friends how much he loves his little brother and all the fun things they do together. is the scorpion picture. This is what they look like when you hold them under a black light. Totally weird.