Saturday, June 27, 2009

McKay's First Tri!

Here are the pics from McKay's very first race. Thanks Devin!

It was so fun to see that little man so determined to do this race. He was pretty nervous/scared the whole morning leading up to it but once it started, he had some serious spirit. How freaking cute is he in his tiny little tri-suit!!
He did the whole swim on his back because the water was so cold he didn't want to put his face in it.Sprinting to the finish...
Adam, his sister Hollie, and sister-in-law Devin, all did a race that same day. McKay kept telling us the kids should have gone first because adults have more patience.I love it!


  1. *squeezes McKay until his he turns blue* I'm so proud of him!!

  2. Love that he didn't want to get his face wet :) Good job little man!!!

  3. Melissa, I'd love to do a park outing! Maybe not before I'm done being pregnant though... 3 weeks!