Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween and Mason

Oh my goodness. Have you ever met my son Mason? Well, you should because he is so funny. Not always funny on purpose, but man, that kid has issues. One of which is that he hates to have people see him smile. Everyday when I pick him up from school he sees me and then immediately looks at the ground. He watches the ground until he runs into me. He just doesn't want me to see him smile. It's so funny. I love it everyday. I could do an entire post about his issues, to be honest. He his utterly adorable and absolutely stubborn as stubborn can get. He makes us late for school all the time because he just wont' put his coat on, or he won't put his socks on, or he won't move his freaking feet from the two inches space they are occupying. If he doesn't want to do something, he won't. I got some awesome proof of his craziness today at the Halloween parade at his school. Luckily he walked by twice and I got two times the proof!!

McKay's costume is freaking sweet and I will post some more pics after halloween, but here's a little preview.

McKay and his friend Logan who is a totally rad werewolf.More of Mason trying not to smile at me. I mean, seriously, he's so stinkin cute.


  1. That last picture is a dead ringer for your husband. Seriously.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you about an outing to the park. You know. Life happened. We'd be up for lunch and a play time at Arctic Circle or Mickey Dees though! Email me -

  2. I concur with Heather... He looks like your hubby :) But he is super cute!

  3. I totally back you up in all you said about Mason at the parade! It was freaking hilarious. The huge laughs in the background were partly me. He totally shafted you!
    Love having him in my primary class. There's no doubt he's the very best.

  4. Oh, I miss you and your totally rad kiddos!! They look so cute in their costumes. Really can't wait to see you guys for Thanksgiving. Love ya!!

  5. Mckays costume is the coolest thing I've ever seen, way to go.

    By the way, Chase heard "Single Ladies" on the bus yesterday and told me "Mom I heard that song on the bus that that little boy sings, and I can sing it just like him" Then he went on to show me how he can sing it exactly like Carsen.