Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carson turns 2!!

On Friday the 16th, mini-man Carson turned two! We went to Dan's place and had a pool party, which is freaking awesome to do in January. It was a blast!
First we ate and opened presents...

then came the swimming...

And of course... I threw my mom in the pool and she "threw" me in the pool (she's really not strong enough and I more jumped in) and then McKay threw Stef in the pool. He's not as skilled at this as the rest of us, so he totally smacked his ribs on the edge of the pool as they went in and all the throwing people in stopped. Tim was sure glad!
Also, this whole series of photos makes me laugh. Look at Adam in the corner and Mason. Good times.


  1. Looks like a massive downhill snowball of FUN. But sorry 'bout the smacked ribs! You guys are brave to eat cake and then go swimming; not that there would be any actual difference in how you look before or after the cake, you know, just that in my mind I'd think I looked different in my swimsuit after cake.

  2. Is your husband dead in those pics? He is just floating the whole time :) And yes, swimming in January is freakin' awesome!

  3. Did you get your boots fixed?
    Fun definitely takes the price of beauty right?