Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do the terrible twos start this fast?

As I was typing up the previous post, Carson decided to frost himself a cookie. After I walked out and said his name, he just looked at me, then said, "Ethan do it." Ethan is his friend he plays with while I'm at school. As I was wiping down the counters and his face, he just kept saying, "Ethan do it", like I could be convinced of his innocence. He's so freaking cute when he's in trouble. Makes it hard to be mad at him.

Bring on the terrible twos.


  1. I wouldn't be able to punish that transparent deceitfulness, either. *hugs Carson*

  2. The terrible twos can start at any point... Kaitlyn is only 18 months and boy oh boy... She is a drama queen. And yes, sometimes it is just so hard to punish the cuteness!!!

  3. I totally believe him! Look at that face, how can you not?
    Carson you're right, Ethan DID IT! stick with your story dude!