Monday, February 2, 2009

25 most awesome things you will ever read.

So I got tagged a few times on facebook for this 25 Things About You business. I don't normally do it but I was bored tonight so I dove right in. For those of you on facebook, you get it twice. For those of you not on facebook, why is that?
Here's my 25 Random Things About Me.
1. I love to wash laundry but absolutely hate to fold it and put it away. My clothes are always in a pile on my dresser. Makes Adam crazy.
2. I have a very bad filtering system between my brain and my mouth. Adam and I love to play the game "how many times did Melissa make things awkward or uncomfortable" after we leave a gathering.
3. I always had dreams of being swept off my feet when the time came. I had no idea it would be by my best friend.
4. My backbone gets stronger and stronger with each passing year. I don't let people be mean to me like I used to.
5. I am easily entertained. I think I'm a fun person to see movies with for this very reason. I can make the worst movie entertaining.
6. I love being back in school and can't wait for the day I actually have a career.
7. I hope to always be able to put my kids above school/career.
8. I actually enjoy doing homework.
9. I hate perfume but love me a good smelly lotion.
10. I think my husband is the best gift giver I have ever encountered. Plus he's a great secret keeper, and they work well together.
11. I love my family. Most of my best friends are relatives.
12. I love that Adam is good at making friends because I'm not. That's where the rest of my best friends come from.
13. I have a hard time making conversation because all that I have to talk about are my kids. I'm sure people get sick of that.
14. I love Minivans. It's sick and wrong but I love 'em! They are just so stinkin' practical.
15. I love candy and cookies and doughnuts and rootbeer floats. I have a serious weakness for the sugar food group.
16. I hate the term LOL when typed but think it is funny to use in a spoken conversation.
17. I was so happy when my kids got old enough to turn the tv on by themselves in the morning. Yep, I let the tv babysit my kids at 6:30 in the morning. I am really more of a danger to them at that hour than the tv is.
18. I am so politically unaware that it borders on scary.
19. I think I am a loyal friend. I forgive easily and even if we don't talk for a few years, I still consider you a good friend.
20. I am not creative even a tiny bit but I have huge dreams of someday being that amazing mom that lives on your street that makes you think, "Man, she is so creative!"
21. I hate playdoh. It makes a type of mess that freaks me out. Fingerpaints, markers, crayons, sand...all fine. not fine.
22. I love to read the emails that have stuff like this in it, but I refuse to do them myself. I'm just not that interesting.
23. I sometimes get a little teary eyed if I sit and watch my kids sleep at night. It's a good thing to do as a mom.
24. I get really happy if I do/say something that makes someone give a good hearty laugh. It doesn't happen all that often so I usually re-tell the story to Adam and anyone else who will listen. It's usually not funny by then.
25. I love to stay in my pajamas all day but it embarrasses me.

There you have it.


  1. #16: like, do you actually hear people in speech say, "Lawl!" or something like that? I'd totally LOL at that!

  2. It works best when someone laughs at an inappropriate time and then you ask them, "did you just lol?" That's funny right there.

  3. I think you are quite funny! You just had me letting out a hearty laugh!! Sorry that you weren't here to enjoy it. :)

  4. Hi Melissa! This is Angie Southwick. I kept clicking away while checking blogs and here I am. Hope you don't mind. I just noticed that the word verification right now is "undes," which I of course read as "undies" as in underwear and it just made me want to comment. Thought you'd want to know.
    And I enjoyed your 25 things. Very entertaining!