Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some random cute photos

Here is some of the goodness that has been hiding on my camera. My cousin Peggy's kids came and hung out one night. This was the delicious dinner they enjoyed.
Carson is all about the temper tantrums these days. Dan decided to join him one time.

This is how Carson decided he wants to sit on the toilet. Every time he pees, this is the stance.

Our friends Justin and Melissa came over for a little Super Bowl party and Carson made a new best friend. Their little girl Violet is so darn cute. This was the kiss that sealed the deal for him.


  1. OMgosh I'm totally LAUGHING at that picture of Carson on top of the potty. I thought Mack was funny! Macklin always leans in against the toilet and positions his junk carefully on the rim while he pees so he doesn't have to aim. But I love Carson's way! Mack also always has to flush with his foot, which given his height puts him in the position, almost, of a vertical split.

  2. LOVE the pee stance! At least you don't have to worry about it dribbling down the front... Just the back/sides/etc :) And, sometimes, a tantrum needs a pal... So glad Dan could help out there :)