Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mason's Birthday

So for Mason's birthday, we went to Chuck E Cheese and we let him take two friends. He's such a rad kid that he let McKay take one and he took one. They had lots of fun that I didn't get pictures of because the camera was sitting on my desk at home (which makes Adam so mad when I got this camera specifically to be in my purse). After Chuck E Cheese, we came home to open presents and have cake and ice cream. It was a fun night!I snapped this photo right at the exact second he noticed there was money in Gramma Janna's present. It's so perfect!
This one is pretty good of my dad in the background. He was happy about the money too!! While we were at Chuck E Cheese, my brother Tim stayed at the house to take a little nap. I asked him to wrap the presents while we were gone. We came home and he had set up a little scavenger hunt for Mason. Mason loved it!! I don't think I have ever seen so many pictures of him with a genuine smile or excitement on his face. Also, as they ran from room to room, the big boys kept fighting over who would read the clue to Mason, which made Mason feel pretty cool.
I think that Carson was the one who enjoyed the cake and ice cream the most.


  1. I love the excitement on Mason's face picture after picture! And Carson face-down in the cake, that's a beautiful picture. Tim is awesome to put together a scavenger hunt. And say hi to John for me! I miss him, haven't seen him in a long time. :*(

  2. How fun! Happy birthday Mason. I am so lucky to teach you in primary! You are the best behaved kids ever.
    I am glad you had a fun birthday party and what a nice brother you are to let McKay bring a friend along!

  3. Those are some great pictures (and it's a good thing you keep such a clean toilet!) Is the camera in your purse now?

  4. Love the cake in the face and all the excited faces. I guess it only gets funner as they realize what is going on :)

  5. they are so dang cute! it makes me a little jealous! :)