Thursday, December 4, 2008

You're doing it Peter!!

If you have ever seen the movie Hook, you would know that line. It's one of my top five favorite lines from a movie. Hook had a lot of good ones.

But, back to the point of this post....I'm doing it, Peter! Okay, sorry. Enough with the Peter thing.

I'm going back to school!! YAY!! I'm way nervous but also very excited. I am signed up for some prerequisite classes that I need to get into the Nursing Program down at SLCC. I have always loved the hospital (weird, I know) and helping people feel better so I am excited to head down this path. Since I can only go part time for now, the job part feels really far away but at least I'm doing it!

And, here's an awesome picture, just for you!


  1. OK, I love the movie Hook...I knew we were meant to be friends!! I pull out lots of one-liners from that show quite often. Now I have someone who will actually understand them! And thumbs up to you on going back to school. That is very brave. Becoming a nurse is also very brave...I for sure could not deal with other people's body fluids!

  2. Hook = da bomb, srsly. If I had ever named a boy Peter (and it was on the list!) it would have been because of that movie. And if I had ever named one Thud.

    Congratulations! Huge step. Hope it goes beautifully for you. Have you been to see BodyWorlds yet? OMgosh it was fascinating, and that's coming from someone who could never be a nurse. You'd probably dig it even more!

  3. Totally big step! You'll do fabulously! I've heard nursing helps you being a mom and stuff... I'm sure your boys will appreciate having a mom that knows JUST what to do when they get hurt. :)

  4. Love the picture!!! And congrats on going back to school. Let me know how it works out with 3 kiddies... :)

  5. Yay school's exciting! Congrats. And I love Hook, we broke down and got it for Addie for Christmas but pretty sure it's really just for me and Kris.

  6. Hey you remember me? It is Katie Crippen Hopoate and family. (If you dont, Adam will - atleast he better!)I was snooping on Justin's blog and noticed yours there. Such cute boys! Anyway, I grew up with a nurse mommy, and my little sis is one too. A GREAT job. Last year I actually started thinking about going into nursing...then my oldest daughter Nani broke her arm and had to get pins put in. At an appointment when they were simply replacing her wrap...I started getting way light-headed and was about to pass out! I had to ask the nurse if I could lay down.heehee...I felt so dumb, but figured I would feel even dumber if I fell flat to the ground knocked out cold! Even as I type about it my body is getting cold all over. What a whimp! Good luck to you, and tell Adam Hi for me!