Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So, I was pretty sure that everyone knew that my little family was going to be staying in Utah after law school. I thought I had told everyone. Well, not so much, as it turns out. I was talking to my cousin Peggy and she had no idea. Here's where the weird part comes in. I see Peggy like twice a month and talk to her on the phone almost every week. That's a lot of phone calls and hanging out sessions since the official decision came mid-October. Made me start to wonder who else I hadn't told. it is for all to see, so if you don't know next time I talk to you, it's your own fault! :)

Adam accepted a summer internship at Kirton and McConkie for the summer of 2009. At the end of the summer, the law firms usually offer jobs to their summer associates to come back after law school. With the way the economy is going, we hear more and more companies are not offering jobs to the summer associates. So, I guess we just keep our fingers crossed that Kirton makes Adam an offer, but who wouldn't want this amazing man working for them??


  1. That is a great picture. Makes me smile just to look at it.

    I had no idea, but I don't see/talk to you as often as Peg. Here it is though: I read your blog. SO NOW I KNOW :D

  2. YEAH! We'll keep you! In fact there's this beautiful house that is still in our ward boundries.....wait you stalk that house you already know!!!