Friday, December 19, 2008

For the love of!!

I love to see my California family at Christmas time. What I do not love is packing up our whole Christmas and transporting it to California. Wowza! It's a pain. It's also pretty gnarly packing it up to come home. Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow for our wonderful week in Cali. The whole Kaas family will be there and there will be merriment galore. If I could just get over this issue of packing the car, the whole trip would be nothing but fun.

Adam's brother Nathan and his wife Devin and their three kids were at our house Monday and Tuesday of this week. We had so much fun! We went up to Heber and rode The Polar Express, which the kids loved. McKay got up and sang a Hanukkah song (so weird) when they asked for people to sing their favorite carols. It was pretty funny. I forgot my camera (as usual) but my awesome sister-in-law took some totally sweet pics for me, so I'll post them when she gets them to me. It was good to see them and I'm sure glad I sent them off with the pink-eye bug. I think my kids always time their sickness for when people are at our house, so if you ever want to come stay, be warned.

UPDATE: Here's the pics from Devin....
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! Try to listen to lots of Christmas music and drink lots of Stephen's Hot Chocolate!

Oh....and here's a fun Christmas memory of mine. Gingerbread houses with the Thomsons.


  1. We've never had to pack up our entire Christmas.

    Until this year. We are crazily going to B's family cabin in Idaho for a remote and merry Christmas celebration. We're excited! About everything but the packing. :-/

    Have a great Christmas! *hug*

  2. maybe if your lucky you can see wendy harrison for hells sakes..

  3. Is that why we missed you last night?? We did miss you guys. But I hope you traveled safely! Merry Christmas!