Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apparently this is my favorite part of traveling...

I had a lot of shots like this....This one is my favorite. He wasn't feeling good and didn't have time to get good and comfortable before he fell asleep.

There is just something so great about sleeping children.


  1. LOL! Isn't that any mom's favorite part of anything? "The kids are ALL sacked out!" I'm telling you what, I love it when they're all nodding and I can chill, even if it's in a car. :D

  2. I love sleepy kids too.
    I go check on the girls every night before I go to bed, and often make Justin come in and look at whatever position they are in... Kids are so funny :)

  3. A-MEN! I think it should be mandatory for all moms to peek in on their children sleeping...it reminds you just how sweet, innocent, and just darn cute they all are.(sometimes those things are forgotten through the course of the day.)