Saturday, April 4, 2009

Law School Prom

Every Spring, the law school has a prom. It's not called a prom, it's called The Barrister's Ball, but it is basically a prom. It's tons of fun and we get to get all dressed up and go dance it up. It's mostly just good times all around.

This was supposed to be the generic "mom taking the pics before you leave for the prom" but it didn't really work. Still, you can see my cute dress..
These are some of Adam's dudes at law school...
And how about Sarah's face in this one? She's the one in black and white. It's freaking awesome!!


  1. i cant believe you put that picture of my huge mouth! ha ha!you can probably see my tonsils! i cant wait until prom 2010!

  2. You both look adorable. What a great idea, to have a grown up prom. Lovely dress! *squeezes you*

  3. You so have a cute dress :) And that is a fun idea. A prom, when you could be old enough to actually enjoy it!

  4. mahliss- you look beautiful! I love that color- and i love that dress and whole outfit. AWesome that you risked a little and wore some freakin color up in that beeyot! Adam looks like grandpa dave. That old man suit style only looks good if its skinny slacks and the jacket is too small. But whadurr