Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunny, fevers, and guitar hero. What more could you want??

Carson is my kid that it's not hard to tell when he has a fever. His cheeks get so red and rosy. Last week he had a fever of 105 for a few days. Poor kid was glowing like a red hot ember for days.
Carson finally got better, just as Mason got sick. I'm pretty sure that's how it always goes and will always go for the rest of my life. We still managed to go grab some shots with the Easter Bunny at the local Dan's Easter Egg Hunt.

And how funny is it that Carson likes to get in on a good game of Guitar Hero?! I have taught my kids well. Adam would probably disagree with that. He thinks when they start praying about video games, then we've gone a little too far.


  1. I am laughing my intestines up over "praying about video games". What do they pray? "Please let me win!"

    The little red cheeks are the cutest. Fevers of 105º notwithstanding.

  2. I think Carson totally looks like Stephanie... So sweet and sad with the red cheeks... 105?!?! What were they sick with?

  3. Passing around illnesses is never fun I'm sure. You guys look H-O-T at the prom!

  4. Fun times fun times!
    Thanks again for yesterday, you're the BEST!