Monday, April 20, 2009

I get so behind!

I have noticed that lately I have to do a post that covers three or four things we did at once. It's just part of my charm apparently so love it or leave it.

First of all... Easter. We had a blast. My mom and Dan came over and went to church with us. Then, they came home and attended to Easter Bunny duties. It was actually nice not to have to do anything beside die eggs. The kids absolutely adore my brother Dan so I think they had way more fun finding eggs with him than they ever have with me. Then my dad joined us and we had a delicious Easter brunch. Good times all around.

Then we had my brother's art show. He is amazing!! I am so mad that I only took just the two pics. I had big plans but was distracted from my picture taking by all the friends and family that came to support Dan.

(see the resemblance)We had another family brunch to celebrate Dan's art show. We love to get together and eat!! We also love to play outside when the weather is nice, but who doesn't?!


  1. That picture is awesome!! BTW I think I saw Tim pulling into Zupa's the other day when I was pulling out. I was waving like an idiot trying to get his attention, but I don't think he saw me. If he did noticed some wierd girl in a white Mini Van frantically waving at him, tell him it was me and that I said HI

  2. Awesome. Wish I could have seen Dan's show.

    Did you find the necklace? And flower? And bobbypins?

  3. Melissa,

    I found your blog link on Facebook. Hope you don't mind. Actually, if you do mind, you probably shouldn't have a link to it on Facebook. :) Your family and husband are darling, and it's fun to see pics of your Chistofferson family. Stop by my blog if you want to.

    Heather Dame Bachman

  4. You guys do such good things. I love your new blog pictures and utterly adore your blog in general. I only hate my fat booty in your pictures. Work on that for me, would ya?