Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Boy #4 - Ian Kaas

For some reason, I had it in my head that I wanted to do this birth natural. I have generally been afraid of the epidural since the beginning of time, yet always got one. With this kid, I decided I was really too scared to get the epidural (who knows why) so I better be prepared to do it naturally. Well, let me just tell you... holy crap. That natural business is insane! Popping a baby out really hurts! All those women who do that more than once are AMAZING! I don't think I would ever do that again. It's a painful business birthing babies. He was also "sunnyside up" which I hear makes it worse. It did go fast and my nurse was so so good and the doctor (who I met for the first time as she walked in to deliver my baby) was great. We got to the L&D room around 9pm and homeboy was born at 11:31. He made it on his due date with 29 minutes to spare! I am glad it went fast, because I think I told Adam 100 times that I couldn't do it anymore. He just smiled at me lovingly, I'm sure thinking the whole time "this was your crazy idea!"(mid contraction - Adam helped by taking pictures. It's funny and painful at the same time)
But how cool that McKay got to cut the cord??? He was out in the hall with Dan and Stef so literally minutes after Ian was born, McKay came in, cut the cord, made some funny comments like "he sure looks gross" and then was wisked away while we got cleaned up.

I look like I just gave birth, no? How come I'm not one of those girls that look all composed and pretty after? My hair is what makes it even more awesome. I was soooooo hot and the nurse kept putting wet rags on my head and around my neck (that's not sweat). It makes for great hair. Also, McKay had just had the flu a few days before, hence the mask.

7lbs 14oz, 22 in long. It was amazing that he was packed in my tummy, which never got bigger than 36cm. So weird. I was sure he would be a tiny little lad. Nope.His pinky fingers are a little bent. Pretty cute and/or funny.

Meeting his brothers for the first time... please everyone, go right for the face.

Mason said "I'm done, he smells like mac & cheese."

First family photo. I'm just saying, do you know how hard it is to get all of these boys to look at the camera and smile??? It's even worse when their dad is setting the example!

We sure do love this little boy! We're still figuring out the middle name. You know how we do. It's between two names, both after Adam's uncle who died last December, the week before I found out I was pregnant. We adored him.


  1. Congrats! He is so cute!!

    I totally agree going natural isn't all it's cracked up to be. The only thing that gets you through is knowing it's gotta end sometime. But my first thought after it's over is always... I never want to do that again!!

    Can't wait to see the little guy!

  2. Aw, he's so beautiful! I can already see little resemblances to McKay and Carson, for sure. Which of your previous babies does he look most like to you? And WTG with the natural birth. I felt like my natural birth recoveries were so much quicker, I loved that part. But the births, not so much. ;)

  3. (Actually my two homebirths were fantastic. I was just joshing you. And J and Lib were natural, but in hospitals. Actually Lib was kind of traumatic, I told B for three days straight, "We're done. I'm never doing that again.")

  4. You're da woman!! But if a fear of epidurals is what it takes to go natural, I don't think I'll ever do it. We'll see. Anyway- I totally admire you! I love the way you look in those pics! It just shows that it wasn't a little walk in the park. I also love what Mason said about Ian's smell. He probably got the "cheese" part right. He's a good lookin' newborn too! Congrats and can't wait to see you guys!

  5. You guys all look fantastic 'Liss! Congratulations! He looks healthy and your hair is FAB and smelling like mac and cheese (without BEING mac and cheese) is grody, but I am sure there are worse things he could smell like! :) I can't believe you have a fear of epidurals, but you are one super bold woman and I love your guts! I am also excited to see you this weekend! :)

  6. Ian Kirk would be a wonderful name. What a great way to honor and remember Adam's uncle....
    You have an adorable family!! (from Great Auntie Beth)

  7. Yeah, I hate the epidural too. When I had Jackson they gave it to me too late and it didn't kick in until about ten minutes after I had him! I have to say, if I was having more kids, I'd choose going natural over getting an epidural.

    Congratulations! He is adorable. I like your crazy boys. They're cute!

  8. P.S. Just got "huzzler" as my verification word. What the what?

  9. Oh he's so wonderful! You are one lucky woman, such a fabulous family!

  10. Awesome! Love him and love you guys! Congrats to your little family! Can't wait to see you guys!

  11. I just want to let you know Lis that I am also NOT one of those lucky women that look fantastic after child birth. Fortunately we have no pictures to document this fact. :)