Monday, March 9, 2009

The 8 best years of my life!!

Eight years ago today, I married Adam. He is an amazing man and I absolutely adore him. I can't believe I was so lucky to marry him. I hear women say they feel so lucky to marry their best friend. Well, hopefully everyone married their best friend. He should become your best friend as you are dating. I ACTUALLY married my best friend. Adam had been my best friend for 5 years before we ever thought about dating. Um, maybe I thought about it when I first met him but he went on to date a few of my friends, so that passed. After five years of being the best friend any girl could ever ask for, he finally noticed me as a little bit more. :) That was nice. I think it was the two years on a mission that brought him around, but whatever it takes. When he came home, we started dating. It was weird how it happened and I don't need to bore you with those details (the rest of this is probably boring enough). It was just like we were meant to be together but never realized it before.

Because we were friends from the age of 15, I have some good pics that span the 6 years before we got married. I just wanted to share some of my good memories. I really tried to limit how many pics I put on here but since this is more for me and Adam than anyone else, I just did what I wanted.

Here is what lead up to the best 8 years of my life.

This is Adam and his best friend Justin on the day I met them. Adam and Justin have been best friends since they were in elementary. When Adam became my best friend, so did Justin. He has always been and will always be a big part of our lives, as you will see.
Here we are on some of our trips to see each other. Since he lived in Cali and I lived in Utah, we had lots of fun weekend trips to visit each other. Justin and my friend Holly were always involved in these trips.
This is the prom we all went to my senior year of high school. We brought everyone we loved, even if they were still in junior high (my brother Kiel, my cousin Liz). It makes me smile that Adam came all the way from California just to go to my prom, even though it wasn't with me. He did it just because I asked him to.This is when we all met for lunch right before Adam when into the MTC (Missionary Training Center). This is just a few weeks after the last picture but significant to me. This is the only picture I could find of us from that day. This is the last time I saw him before his mission. The next time I saw him, 2 years later, things were different from the first hug. It was a good first hug, I think. Here are some dating pictures, after that first good hug!
These are pictures of Adam proposing. We got it all in video and lost it the first week we had it. I love that it looks like he offering me some business deal and I'm just not sure about the whole thing. I was sure and I was totally bawling! It's just a funny pic, if you know that he is asking me to marry him. I believe the actual words were "If you're not doing anything for the next 50-60 years..."One taken during our engagement photo shoot...
Here are a few wedding pics, obviously.A honeymoon shot...

Justin's wedding to Melissa in August of 2001...

Our first Christmas as a married couple, and our last Christmas with just the two of us. McKay was born 6 month's after this.

And for good we both are on our first birthday.

I adore you Adam. Thanks for making me who I am today and for always loving me and treating me so good. Your love has made me a much better person than I ever thought I could be.


  1. Love the pictures!!! Love that his likes to dye his hair! Love that you guys are such a fabulous couple!!! Could it get any better?!?!

  2. *sniffle* So sweet. *tacklehug*

  3. So awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed those pictures!! I swear I know someone in one of those pics...remind me to chat about that next time I see you!

  4. i love old pictures!your story is so cute! carson looks just like adam in his 1 yr old pic!!!

  5. im so glad to be a part of this love story. how about when for some odd reason i was pretty chaff about even hearing you fools were dating while still in canada. lucky for me my homie adam married my old best friend too and i got the 2fer. im also glad that you think that adam and i will be friends for some time and that it will be a part of your life too. remember when i actually became a big part of your guys life, in the basement for 2 months? happy anniversary to the both of you and thanks to you and your family for letting us come visit you in fruit heights because we all have so many rad memories of those days.
    fyi to greg and sarah: carson looks like nathan at 32 years old...