Monday, November 10, 2008

Mason...don't let him fool you!

I have this child named Mason. He is so so shy. It's actually really painful to watch sometimes. Just yesterday at church someone tried to talk to him and his face just turned bright red. But this kid has more to offer than we know. He is an absolute charmer. I wish I could bottle his rare moments and save them for those days when he's being the naughty mischievous liar that the 4 year old inside him likes to be.

Here is an example of his charm. We were playing 20 questions yesterday. Mason had a person in mind that we were all trying to guess. We knew it was a girl and that she wasn't in our family. I asked if we see her at church. He said no. I asked if we see her at school. Nope to that one too. So McKay asked if we see her at the Children's Museum (seriously...the children's museum??). Mason then gets this look on his face. It's the one I know to watch out for because he's being silly. He told McKay that yes, we do indeed see her at the Children's museum. I asked what her name was (it's a very loosely structured 20 questions, no real rules about name giving. makes it easy). He rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, we don't see her there but I really like the children's museum, so maybe we should see her there." Where do kids come up with these things?

But more important, I just typed that whole story and realized it's way more funny to me than it would be to anyone else because it was his face that made it so funny and cute. Ah, good times, good times.

I was just spending time with him today and realized he is funny and charming, even though no one ever gets to see it. Sorry that the story didn't really make that a point. What can you do but love my humor (or lack there of). :)


  1. i frikkkin love that kid. He is so fun to mess with and watch interact. His nursery set up will be the stuff of legend.

  2. Actually I think that answer is hilarious. Me personally, I'd like to see her in Hawaii. Whoever she is. Just get a little glimpse, then go on with my vacation. I like the way he thinks. :D