Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apple Taste Test

My mom was over here the other day and knowing my silly excitement over a delicious apple, told me that she tried a new flavor. A new flavor of apple?? Can that even be possible?? I thought there was only Red Delicious since that is what my husband likes, and all I ever buy at the store. It's not my favorite so every now and then I buy just one of another flavor for me and that's how my mom became aware of my silly excitement over apples. Well, I decided enough with the blasted Red Delicious! That's right, I've snapped! I bought four of every type of apple that I didn't recognize the name of. I wanted to try them all and make Adam pick a new favorite. McKay decided we needed an apple taste testing contest. Everything has to be a contest with these freaking kids!
So I sliced 'em up, slopped up some peanut butter (McKay's idea too) and the good times ensued!
(Notice McKay lost both his front teeth. One was ready, the other one his brother knocked out. It was a tiny bit loose but still had weeks to go. Ahhh....the joy of boys!)
I decided the Pink Lady was my favorite. The Ambrosia were delicious with the peanut butter, and the Honeycrisp were only so-so. Red Delicious, I abjure you!


  1. I love it! I'm totally picky about my apples...they must be crunchy but sweet. May I suggest trying Gala apples. They are my favorite of the current season. :) I like the Pink Lady too. Red Delicious look nice but are mushy. Way to abjure them!!

  2. I freaking HATE red delicious apples so it's a good thing you're breaking Adam into some new flavors because if you ever come visit me (*hint hint*) I'll only have Fujis and such, and he'll have to grin and bear it. ;)

  3. Personally, I love Honeycrisp. They are pretty expensive but worth it. I can't believe you only like it so/so.

  4. You pretty much are THE coolest mom. Would you mind raising Carter? I think he'd quite enjoy your house full of boys.
    I am not that picking of an apple eater however I hate when I bite into a bland tasting apple.

  5. I think Pink Ladies are my favs too... But, we don't seem to be getting alot of those around here. Gala apples however are close seconds :)