Tuesday, December 22, 2009

While mom's away...

the dad lets the kids break their arms.

Well, I guess only one kid broke his arm, but still.

I was off on my annual cookie weekend in St. George when this happened. I'm so glad that I have an amazing aunt that could step in and take care of the kids so Adam could sit at the hospital for 5 hours with Mason. Good times. Thanks Joan!
As for cookie weekend, I get together with some friends right before Christmas and do a fun weekend where we swap cookies that we bake. We make 7 dozen of whatever kind we pick, and come home with 7 dozen of a delicious variety. We shop and watch movies and eat-out and sleep-in, all the good things that you can't do with little kids at home. I forgot my camera, as usual. My sister had hers so I was so excited to get some pictures from her, but instead I got an African virus. Thanks Stef! So this is all you get, the sorting of the cookies...


  1. Poor kid! That cookie swap sounds calorie-ific! :) So worth it, I'm sure!

  2. MELISSA! Why would you put that picture on your blog? I'm in my stretchy clothes!

  3. I love that you took pictures before you took him to the hospital. Yes, Joan is awesome... I want some cookies. And what kind of african virus? That is all :)

  4. Throw me a bone! If you were actively blogging, you'd see that I have figured out away to comment in your blog again. Which is awesome. So post some pictures that are not Mason with a misshapen arm, which I actually have to cover with my hand so I don't throw up on my computer.

    And New Year's is over, and you didn't come down yet. But I haven't given up hope! Oh no. I still want you to come, and your little mommy too. And Stef, if you can wrangle her in the car. Heck, bring Dan and Tim and Scotty too. Partay!